Butterick 5328 – pattern testing

Here’s what I’m working on (the top, not the attitude) but with a normal collar.

Here’s the extent of my adjustments for this pattern. The front hem has been raised to cater for my height (he he).

The back has been adjusted for my height, sway back and hip room to move. The fabric has no give (woven) so I’ve plan built in the comfort.
More to come…


  1. I just bought this pattern, and I just finished viewing a video called “Full Bust Adjustment”…I’ve only been sewing for a few months, and with this pattern it will be the first time I will attempt to alter a pattern to adjust to my bust, I was glad to land on your page, seeing you’re working on the same pattern and that you are also making adjustments, can’t wait to see your finished garment…There are no reviews for this pattern on Patternreview.com…


  2. Thanks for your comments. I wasn’t sure if I there was interest in posting ‘work in progress’ so I’ll keep posting up progress segments as I work on this pattern. Every technique I learn helps achieve each project I take on.


  3. I was wondering if you finished this garment. I’m stuck at step 14 attaching the front bands. Is it my lack of experience, or are the steps at that point not very clear? I just don’t have any idea how the front bands need to be attached. I’ve read those instructions a few times, in English and in French (my mothertongue) and I still don’t get it, even the pictures don’t help….. Well if you are close to this part and the instructions seem clear to you, please post pictures…or if you’re done sewing it, could you tell me if you had any problems with that part, thanks!!

    And are there supposed to be ties inside as well?


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