black knit top – kwik sew 2694

On Saturday while my sewing buddies were over, I took out my swap pieces and asked for their opinion on how my SWAP plan was going. The main comment I got was the china print skirt only needed a black knit top.

At the January Pitt Trading sale, I bought this black poly knit as a ‘just in case’ piece.

Here’s how it worked out.

I made sure my face was taken out of this shot because I was really pooped last night when DH took this pic.

Tech note: Sway back, full bust adjustment, neckline gaposis, shortened shoulder length, shortened sleeve, FOE.

Swap tally – The next piece is a basic black skirt (fully lined, zipper, no waistband) that’s 1/3 of the way through. I just realised that this will be the final piece.
I’ll go back to the purple pieces once the skirt is done so I can but the black out of my sight, just for now.

overlocker 0 – velosewer 1

Yesterday I was trying to finish the black wrap blouse with border embroidery and the overlocker kept making uneven stitches. I rethreaded the little terror a few times with no luck. The thread was running out and broke while rethreading the new thread. I have a Janome mylock 534D.

My blouse fabric ripped at the sleeve edge on one of the front pieces while I was trying it on. Part of the challenge of the blouse is getting the gathers to sit on the bust. The rip made me a bit fearful that the fabric was weak, so I decided to overlock the seam edges.

In the end, I replaced the thread on the right lower looper and rethreaded it
Step 1. right lower looper,

Step 2. left lower looper,
Step 3. right upper thread
Step 4. left upper thread.

Now I’m putting the sleeves on. They have gathers at the sleeve head and I’ll make them a bit gathered at the sleeve hem too. I might raise the sleeve hem as well.

Butterick 5328 – pattern testing

Here’s what I’m working on (the top, not the attitude) but with a normal collar.

Here’s the extent of my adjustments for this pattern. The front hem has been raised to cater for my height (he he).

The back has been adjusted for my height, sway back and hip room to move. The fabric has no give (woven) so I’ve plan built in the comfort.
More to come…

Fabric stash #10 – Kwik sew 2694

This pattern has two very flattering cross-over tops. This is an extension of view B. I’ve used white fold over elastic because:
a) I didn’t have fold over elastic in brown
b) If I did have brown fold over elastic, the elastic would have hidden in the fabric print.

The fabric pattern does match up at the side seams, through no planning on my part. I think this was due to happen because of the way the fabric print repeats so frequently.

If you’re into finished seams, this knit doesn’t need any. I cut the pattern out last night (Saturday) and put it together this morning, before we went for a bike ride this morning.

I used ‘seams great’ on the shoulder seam, to keep the neck/shoulder line stable. ‘Seams great’ is a reliable product to use on knits. The fabric is from Emmaonesock.

Fabric stash #8 – Kwik sew 2683

I gave into using a lettuce edge finish on this top because of the skirt style and jacket that I’ll team it with.
I bought this fabric from Emmaonesock over two years ago and it’s the most light-weight jersey I’ve ever bought. It wrinkles easily but it’s a great colour.
Blues and acqua are some of the colours that I love and I’m so glad that I’ve finally made these fabrics into wearable pieces.

Fabric stash #5

I loved the colour of this fabric when I bought it at Cabramatta and I originally thought to use this fabric with a contrasting knit net print. I’ll do that anyway but I decided to make this top using a feature from a Burda world of fashion belt feature.
The top is my basic knit top that I use all the time so now it’s got a belt feature.

fabric stash #2 – what was I thinking?

After I started sewing this dress, I realised that this fabric was meant to be dress lining, for an idea I had years ago. I used a cross-over top and extended it to become a cross-over dress. The fabric has good two-way stretch, for lining, but a nightmare for a dress.
The colour is not one of my ‘colours’ so again, what was I thinking.

Here is an example of why the top works well with the right fabric.

If I do this style again, it will be using a one-way stretch, dark fabric with limited waistline features.