#mustardlegssaturday #MMMay14

Zo is the queen of May (#MMMay) and mustard is so Zo. She’s now a Mum and she did an awesome job updating her mustard trousers in time to wear them on Day 31. I supported Zo from a far.

This is my Vogue mustard legs in honour of Zo and New Look 6149 (to be blogged) and courtesy of Pitt Trading.
By Day 30, the park rangers had finally spotted me taking #MMMay14 pics before work.

Jalie jeans and a vintage wrap top.

On Day 27 the wait staff at the Armory got used to my early morning appearance.

Kwik Sew top and basic brown work skirt.

Day 28 was a frantic morning so a little local shot was used.

Mad Men inspired dress using Spotlight fabric.

Day 29 was more rushed than day 28 so I’ve used this freshly painted spot after work.

The total charity count for this #MMMay is (drum roll please) 20 me-mades pieces now with a charity organisation somewhere.
My flickr updates were better than my instagram ones this time around. I’ve enjoyed this year’s entries and giving back to charity. Congratulations everyone!

#MMMay 14

My key learning this #MMMay14 is when I don’t wear something more than once, it either needs a quick alteration or it should go to charity. My pledge is to wear MMM I’ve only worn once.

The clothing charity tally has increased to 15 garments – and I’m happy with that. They’re all in good condition so I feel relieved to be giving to people who in need. 

There’s also been a few well-loved but unused kitchen crockery items that went to the Salvos last week. I think this year’s #MMMay14 has benefited more than just moi. 

Thanks again to Zo to getting me to be me-made aware for others too.

Day 18 was another visit to Cabramatta. Beajay and Valerie wrote about how we hosted this fabric/lunch visit to ‘Little Vietnam‘ for Lynnelle of You sew girl

Photo taken by Valerie

Urban PresidioNew Look 6149 using Pitt Trading fabric (Charlie Brown remnant), Vogue 8774 black jeans with denim and jeans notions from Minerva Crafts UK.

 Day 19 was about being pleased with finishing painting the landing at home. Oh and I’m wearing my fave shirt dress New Look 6214 piping, prints with contrasts and a decent cotton fabric make this a ‘go-to’ work dress so I’ve deviated from my pledge to wear ‘once only’ me mades.

Day 20:
This amazing park location is usually packed with families. And you can see why. There are so many spots to play for kids of all ages.

The skirt is Vogue and the top uses the collar from Kwik Sew. I deviated again because I kept taking out once worn pieces and deciding they needed a new home.

Day 21 features the kiddie slides. There are quite a few of them.

This dress is a linen I picked up in the States a few years ago and I used it to make this Dandelion dress that Mari Miller designed. This is another fav work dress even if linen creases so easily. But it’s now bagging at the shoulders so it will go to charity.

Day 22
Now I’m not sure what this play area is but it’s definitely striking.

These pants are still not fitting well so I’ll test them again in a different fabric and give this pair to charity. The top is Sew Chic pattern beatrice bodice with a Vogue peplum and it’s going to go to a better home. I enjoy the fit of the top but I know where it needed tweaking so this top has had a very good run.

Day 23 features my Minerva polka dot shirt using Butterick 5538 and Vogue 1204 purple pins. Polka dots were the day’s theme.
Photo taken by Rhonda
Before I put this blouse on in the morning, I tweaked the back darts because it was looking a bit shapeless. This blouse is now a better shape without pulling. The beauty of this fabric is that it’s a good quality stretch woven.

Day 24
On weekends I wear jean/pants/shorts so it’s nice to wear a new top. 
Photo taken by DH

The morning was cool so I grabbed my trusty Minoru jacket over my new Jaywalk tee (to be blogged), Vogue 1204 green jeans and all of my belongings are in my urban Presidio purse.

Day 25 was a quiet one where I was experimenting with stripes and came up with this dress using a remnant from Tessutis. The basis for this dress is their Alexa tee pattern.
The bag is my faithful urban Presidio purse.
I’ll blog this shortly as I’ve just finished sewing a bunch of stripe knits 🙂 
I’ve used Tessutis Alexa tee pattern for this dress style. I’ll show you how shortly…

Day 26

Another fab day with 25C temps forecast again. This is a wonderful end to autumn.

Back at the park I’m wearing my fav shirt dress New Look 6124. You saw this dress on Day 19 too.

MMMay Wk 2

A funny thing happened to me on the way to work last week. I kept stopping along the way to work to take pics – in safe places of course. “Sir Tripod” took these photos.

Day 5: Grey ponte knit dress using Butterick 5676
I love this jungle gym as do all the kids in the neighbourhood.

Day 6: Waratah print top using New Look 6808 (to be blogged) 

Burda 7746 lined wool pants that are so handy throughout the winter months.

The tree in the background is a brilliant colour right now and I had to take this shot because it won’t be like this for too much longer.

Day 7:

This small businesses I drive by each day fascinate me. There’s a drive in cafe on this particular block.

Vintage dress with Simplicity mesh wrap.

I have a new wool wrap coming up. The fabric is gorgeous.

Day 8:

Today I took a different route and found another urban gem.

Dandelion dress with lace sleeves. I bought a RTW cardi that matched last year. I know…

After seeing this photo I knew I was looking tired…so I went and had my ‘hair done‘. 

Day 9: Blue theme

I was feeling blue with Mothers Day approaching so the bluest I could manage was the blue flowers on this top. Jalie jeans and Kwik Sew top. Wearing me made clothes keeps me happy.

Day 10: Spotted with the lovely Susan lunching and talking all things fabric. Her knowledge of the garment industry is mind blowing. You’ve seen her knicker patterns right?

Vogue 8774 green jeans
Minoru jacket
New Look 6149 raglan top (to be blogged)
Picture taken by our trusty waiter at Toastcafe.

Day 11:

Vogue 1204 purple jeans
Minoru jacket
Kwik Sew 33787 knot top that I’m made lots and lots of times.
Presidio urban purse
Mr V took this pic.
#MMM14 mornings also included activewear. Fehr Trade’s Duathlons in two lengths and PB Jam leggings.

This week’s charity bag has 9 pieces including a top that was a good idea at that time but not anymore. 

Decisions:I’m going through a design idea frenzy and my head is spinning with ideas for Tessutis Jaywalk competition. My Pinterest stripe board is overflowing with ideas. This is a tempting challenge…

#MMMay wk1

Now at 307 participants, #MMMay14 is certainly underway.

This week I stuck to sorting out my ‘after work’ clothes. This week’s bag to charity has 5 pieces from my wardrobe included Day 4’s top.

Day 1: Kwik sew 2694 and eyelet pants similar to Simplicity 2503.

Day 2: Duathlon shorts for 6am bike class. The morning is now a bit chilly so I’ll be wearing my longs for outdoor sessions. That also includes cycling.

Day 3: Jalie jeans, Kwik Sew 3567 top, Minoru shower proof jacket and Presido purse. The weather got a lot cooler today and it was wet when I left in the morning.

Day 4: ‘May the force be with you’ because I’m pooped.
RTW jeans slimmed down by moi, Vogue 7610 jacket, Kwik Sew 3567 and my urban Presidio purse.

I used a panel print for the top but it looks kinda daggy and the fabric doesn’t feel nice. What in the ‘Phantom Menace’ was I thinking when I bought it. I was aiming for a Sci fi look but I came out grunge instead.


Eek. April is just about over and we’re two sleeps away from Me-Made-May 2014. Have you been signed up to #MMMay2014?

Zo has posted up a few #MMMay14 approaches a few crafters have decided upon this year. My pledge is one of them:
I pledged to wear me-made clothes that I haven’t worn more than once since sewn for the month of May!

Each year when I’ve participated in Me-Made-May, I’ve learnt a lot from each participant about styling, colour and having fun. The meet ups have been fantastic.

An impromptu Pitt Trading meetup in 2012.

So this year there will be some “what were you thinking moments?” – poor fit, not the best style, wrong colour. You know what I mean. I expect a few more makes will go to charity at the end of each week.

Fit and style are what I’m trying to focus on.

My cycling gear will be reworked this year with some duathlon ‘longs.’

There are already over 160 participants on flickr and it’s not even in May. As at 2/5, there are over 270 participants and read The Guardian news item.
Thanks again Zo for running this again for us all.