#mustardlegssaturday #MMMay14

Zo is the queen of May (#MMMay) and mustard is so Zo. She’s now a Mum and she did an awesome job updating her mustard trousers in time to wear them on Day 31. I supported Zo from a far.

This is my Vogue mustard legs in honour of Zo and New Look 6149 (to be blogged) and courtesy of Pitt Trading.
By Day 30, the park rangers had finally spotted me taking #MMMay14 pics before work.

Jalie jeans and a vintage wrap top.

On Day 27 the wait staff at the Armory got used to my early morning appearance.

Kwik Sew top and basic brown work skirt.

Day 28 was a frantic morning so a little local shot was used.

Mad Men inspired dress using Spotlight fabric.

Day 29 was more rushed than day 28 so I’ve used this freshly painted spot after work.

The total charity count for this #MMMay is (drum roll please) 20 me-mades pieces now with a charity organisation somewhere.
My flickr updates were better than my instagram ones this time around. I’ve enjoyed this year’s entries and giving back to charity. Congratulations everyone!


  1. Well done Maria. It's great to see you took the opportunity to clean out the items you didn't wear and donate them to charity where they can be put to good use. Great month of me-mades!


  2. Wow 20 pieces that would deplete my wardrobe. A great month Maria you look happy with your clothes and they look great on you.


  3. Love the title of this post! Congratulations for making it through MMM, I admire everyone who has managed to take photos every day.


  4. Ha! Hurrah for #mustardlegssaturday! I hope we can do that again next year… Wowzers, 20 garments donated?! You did so incredibly, it was such a difficult but fascinating and useful challenge you set yourself this year. You have to be the most prolific sewer in the blogosphere surely?! xxx


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