Eek. April is just about over and we’re two sleeps away from Me-Made-May 2014. Have you been signed up to #MMMay2014?

Zo has posted up a few #MMMay14 approaches a few crafters have decided upon this year. My pledge is one of them:
I pledged to wear me-made clothes that I haven’t worn more than once since sewn for the month of May!

Each year when I’ve participated in Me-Made-May, I’ve learnt a lot from each participant about styling, colour and having fun. The meet ups have been fantastic.

An impromptu Pitt Trading meetup in 2012.

So this year there will be some “what were you thinking moments?” – poor fit, not the best style, wrong colour. You know what I mean. I expect a few more makes will go to charity at the end of each week.

Fit and style are what I’m trying to focus on.

My cycling gear will be reworked this year with some duathlon ‘longs.’

There are already over 160 participants on flickr and it’s not even in May. As at 2/5, there are over 270 participants and read The Guardian news item.
Thanks again Zo for running this again for us all.


  1. I hope you take lots of pictures even though that can be a pain. You have sewn so many wonderful clothes that it will be interesting for us – and educational for you – to see the ones that are languishing in your closet. Should be a challenging but rewarding month!


  2. My attention was drawn to the bikes. How many do you have? Do they equal your sewing machines in number?
    I've noticed that devotees of both sewing & cycling tend to have more than one. Cyclist frequently have many more in bits. I have two in bits and two in everyday use.


  3. It will be fun seeing what will go into the charity bin – we all have learning mistakes, but I think it is good for us to see that everyone else has had to learn the hard way as well, what works and what doesn't. Looking forward to your twist on this challenge.


  4. I will be very interested to see what comes from your wardrobe as I can imagine there is a lot there. I have also signed up and was wondering what my extra challenge could be, maybe I need to work on my gym gear!


  5. What an original MMM pledge concept. I love it. Can't wait to see what you pull out. I agree with Cherrypix–perhaps you'll find some hidden gems. See you very soon on Flickr!!


  6. The good thing is that I can see how my sewing skills have improved over many years of sewing. Many, many years…


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