Vogue 1500 Anne Klein

This dress is actually the first double gauze fabric I’ve sewn and I love how this fabric feels when I wear it.

Initially I wasn’t sure how this fabric would sew. I had no idea about what size I should pick based on the thickness of the gauze.

I definitely went up by 1 size for my hips and made sure I did a sway back adjustment and lowered the centre back hem as part of this adjustment.

The other adjustment I made was to shorten the bust dart because the bust points usually go beyond where I want a bust point to site.

One design element I didn’t use was the faux pockets on the chest. I felt that I’m not tall enough to have this additional design feature. I’m really pleased I didn’t add these pockets to the dress.

There was no test version sewn for this dress.

The buttons were bought as second-hand buttons and the buckle is from my stash. Yes, I even collect belt buckles because they’re hard to find when you need one.

Did I wear this dress as soon as I made it? No. It was way too hot and humid at the time.

What I found on the day I wore this dress is that it’s a comfortable fabric to wear. Also the centre front has a wide buttonhole overlap on it so when you sit down, the fabric doesn’t open up and expose your skin.

Once I got the hang of how this fabric feels and how to sew with it, I really enjoyed checking the dress at every point I could to check how it fit me.

Sewing with gauze is a good experience because the fabric is easy to mark, easy to overlock and easy to fit. The fabric feels like a warm hug throughout the day. It’s a lovely layer to wear.

And yes, there’s another piece of double gauze in my stash that is earmarked for this dress, or maybe Vogue 8805.

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