Viscose fabrics

Minerva has been developing a bunch of exclusive fabrics. This one is called Ebbing Light Viscose Challis fabric.

You guessed right if you thought I chose to test this fabric out because of the dark base of this design. I enjoy having a classic little black dress in my wardrobe that suits the occassion.

The previous viscose fabric I used from Minerva was the Popcorn Prowl print. That was my take on wearing a white dress.

Below is the description of these new Minerva Exclusive fabrics:

Our viscose challis is a super soft 100% viscose woven fabric with a plain weave and no stretch. It is soft, silky and has plenty of drape, making this fabric the perfect choice for sewing tops, blouses, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, summer trousers, shorts and more.

At 120 grams per square metre, this fabric is classed as a light to medium weight. The fabric in most colourways is opaque and should not require lining, on lighter colour prints you may wish to line your garment or wear a slip for more fitted styles. We recommend sewing this fabric with a new fine sharps needle for best results.

For my popcorn prowl fabric make – Pauline Alice Eliana dress – I did wear a half slip under the dress. Wearing a slip gave me a bit of comfort more than anything else.

One of the key things I’ll be doing for each viscose fabric is to overlock the seam allowances, choose patterns with drape, and finding parts of my existing wardrobe to pair with each make.

With the success of each new garment I make, that spurs me on to try that pattern or fabric again to create another piece for a future occasion.

Sewing is infectious.

Do you have any pattern suggestions for my next viscose Minerva prints? They’re making their way from the UK as we speak.

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