Butterick 5525

Colour blocked Butterick 5525

July is #sewcolourblocking #sewcolorblocking on @Sewover50 on Instagram. The wonderful Judy Williment Ross is managing this challenge with her panel of Sue and Sheila.

I first used Butterick 5525 in 2011 so I knew that right now I need a size 12 top and a bit more room for my hips. These 2 knit fabrics were already in my stash.

When I originally used Butterick 5525 I had to fiddle with the neckline so it sat above the bra and didn’t show the bra straps. It you get that part right, then it isn’t annoying to wear.

This black version was my test version before I made the purple pink version.

finished 3

You would have seen the pic above on Instagram.

This version is a bit more snug.

If you haven’t used this pattern yet and already own it, try it so you get the neckline fit sitting where you want it to sit. It’s a very personal fit adjustment that is easy to do.

Are you joining in the July #sewcolourblocking challenge with us? Anyone can enter. You can read more about it on my podcast post and you can also listen to Judy talk about it too.

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