Montgomery knickers

Montgomery knickers and Kwik Sew bra set

This wearing lace for everyday wear has me down the lingerie sewing rabbit hole. Knickers are cute but my goodness, they have to be comfy!

Orange lingerie has a brilliant knicker pattern – Montgomery brief – that I’ve now mastered, and learnt more about wearing lace everyday. I can now sew it with all the seams enclosed and I’ve raised the front brief pattern to sit exactly where it should be on my body.

Delicate lace from Minerva

The version you can see above uses the amazingly delicate lace from a recent Minerva make. This lace is delicate for its fineness and the open lace work on it. That meant I ended up tearing the lace really quickly when I wore them.

After unpicking them and lining the front, these knickers will last a long time.

The lace on the bra is underlined and the bra is super supportive and has lasted well.

There is a story behind the underwires that I’ll blog about shortly.

These pink knickers are not lined at the front and they are fine to wear everyday. That’s because the lace is not ‘delicate’. The lace base is rigid and it’s machine embroidered so these have been comfy and hard wearing.

knicker production line

Here’s the production line sewing of these knickers. I’ve used what I could use from the lingerie subscription and from my own lingerie stash. Comfy undies do exist, once you find your pattern

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