Adrian bra

Thankfully for myself, Bobbin and Ink ran a 2 day bra sewing workshop in June. Susan of measure twice cut once ran this class. Susan is both a friend, a great sewing instructor and an clothing industry expert.

In Susan’s YouTube videos last year, she spoke about the Adrian bra, designed by Queen of Suburbia so I bought this bra pattern at the time. Susan blogged about this pattern.

Adrian bra with underwires ready to be clipped to size.

Not everyone can go to an in-person workshop and I’m really thankful Laura at Bobbin and Ink runs innovative sewing and screen printing workshops for the diverse community that wants to sew and create in Sydney.

When you look at Susan’s blog, she’s made a cute yellow Adrian bra and at the workshop I attended, I able to double check her work as I went through the construction steps. As you can see above, I now have my own Adrian bra version I can wear and refer to for future Adrian bras.

Kwik Sew 3300 – my fav bra pattern

While it’s super fun placing the embroidery on the cups and bra band as you cut out the bra pieces, Susan’s industry skill make you get a good fitting bra in a very friendly and supportive way.

Yes I’ve made a few bras before but I really wanted to check in with Susan as I worked on a new bra pattern. There were a few of us in the class and we all have different skill levels and she made us feel confident with our projects the whole day through.

Harriet bra

Susan also gave us an insight into her next bra sewing Youtube videos that I encourage you to subscribe to so you can keep up to the skill development videos she is creating, in between continuing to help her family re-establish their home that was damaged by the floods in Lismore earlier this year.

On my Instagram account I posted a short video (reel) as I sewed this bra. Have a squiz at it.

I paid for the class and the materials I used because I want to support small businesses and industry trained teachers because I value their knowledge. I want to see people who want to sew have the option of online and in person classes to continue.

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