Me Made May 2022

Wearing clothes I’ve made in May was been interesting.

With 2 years of working from home to get over, there are a few issues I’ve realised.

I do need clothes in various sizes because my weight fluctuates all the time. That means at the start of this month ie last week I was 2 kg heavier than I am right now. By the end of this month that will change again. I have leg injuries that need to be treated and heal.

The fit of my clothes makes me happy so to achieve this I’ve accepted where my weight collects and reduces.

Day 1 I wore the test skirt from the Ukraine sewalong with a basic wool knit top because the weather had started to cool down.

Day 2 was a back to the office day. I wore the Pauline Alice dress I made last year with a knit 3/4 sleeve jacket. My very handy laptop bag is the one I made in 2020 for Minerva. The jacket is also a Minerva project.

By Day 12 I wore the culottes using The Avid Seamstress Pattern using Ankara fabric. I paired this with a New Look too, again with 3/4 length sleeves.

By the end of May I was really annoyed with my clothes and fabrics. I think it’s because I have plenty to wear and in various sizes because my shape changes a lot.

It’s now mid June and I’ve had time to reflect upon what I wanted to achieve in May, but didn’t. No biggie really. When you feel you need to cull what you there a many decisions to make and the hardest one is finding ways to not add to landfill.

That’s where I’m at now. Looking for community groups that need clothes for women who want to join the workforce ie suits etc and then places to donate good fabrics.

I’m still glad I made a commitment to make Me Made May something of use to me.

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