The shift dress #4

This is my 4th dress I’ve made using The Avid Seamstress The Shift Dress.

This is shift dress #4.

Since making my initial fit adjustments, I can simply size the dress up or down now depending on how my weight fluctuates.

You can see the front bodice pieces that I enjoying working with.

I’ve used this fabric that was designed for #bhmpatterndesigner challenge in 2021. The fabric has a bold statement on it but in a subtle way. I love that about this print.

A bit of wiggle room at the waist helps keep this comfy

This is one of those classic styled dresses that I can wear anywhere. I’m looking forward to wearing this to work and see if anyone twigs to what this print is really all about. What do you think?

Work dress ready to wear by moi

I love the easy to follow instructions that Lisa of The Avid Seamstress provides. You can tell because I’ve made this pattern so many time.

These are the sleeve pieces I’ve drafted from the existing sleeve pattern

If you have a closer look at the sleeves, you can see I’ve created petal sleeves with a slight flutter.

I love the colours used in this print because their earthy but bold at the same time.

Have a read about all 4 versions I’ve made on The Avid Seamstress blog. I’m on their Avid Maker team.

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