Getting it together

Did all that pattern marking and pinning work to keep the gingham consistent across this dress?
Does the dress fit?

The dress shell with no embellishments or lining

If you’re interested to see how all that design planning and fabric cutting turned out, here is how this Peggy dress is now looking.

Here’s the bodice close up with collar, front trim and buttons.

Granted it’s not ‘the dress’ but this is my version of the Peggy dress.
The key matching I wanted to achieve was to match the stripes at the seams and at through the darts.
There’s a nice amount of matching on the sleeve fronts and across the body.

Seams match like a boss. You can see the white poplin lining.

Being suiting, I decided to fully line the dress with some lightweight cotton poplin.
This keeps the dress outer layer of the dress away from my body. I’ve used cotton because this is more comfortable for fitted dresses that I love to wear.

Here’s a close up of how the darts were placed within the gingham lines

I’ve also been able to give myself a bit of wiggle room too.
Once I made up the dress without the lining, I pinned out the back waist excess and then figured out the best place to place these darts within the fabric cross lines.
I also moved the buttons to sit between the stripes so you could see the buttons more clearly. More soon.

The embellishments are all there and the dress is ready to hem

Getting the hem right is tricky. I have to make sure the hem stops at the length that I like and is easy to wear seated. Next up, how it looks on!

You’ll definitely find this post and more on my Minerva Brand Ambassador page. I love sewing for Minerva and sharing my makes with you.

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