A kiwi fabric visit

We spent 2 weeks in NZ (North Island) and I was able to visit a few fabric retailers along the way. That’s what I love about travelling.

My first fabric stop was at Greytown, on the road to Carterton. Most people visit this area to wine tour around Martinborough. I don’t blame them. It’s a great winery day.

miss maudeOk back to the fabric stop in Greytown – Miss Maude Fabric and Sewing store

Greytown is very refined, pretty and has many great stores with local produce. I could go on and on about this lovely town.

I’ve been following Miss Maude Fabric Store Instagram account for ages. Their fabrics are beautiful and well selected. So well selected that the day I visited the store, an online shopper beat me to a beautiful green cotton fabric, so I managed to buy the remnant.

Online shopping really is the way to go sometimes. Their online prices are by 1/4 metre. Their online sales are great and they have good shipping deals for Kiwis and Aussies. They ship globally.

What was impressive was their pattern stocks. They sell both printed patterns and pdf patterns. Locals have the advantage of the classes they hold. There was a Kelly Anorak on show made by a local 16 year old. The anorak was reversible! Isn’t that just so clever.

miss maude fabrics

I bought 2 fabrics and have washed them ready to make into something…one day. I’ll be keeping Miss Maude’s Fabric Store on my insta feed. Thanks Emma and your lovely team.

More kiwi fabric stories to come…

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