Hey Elani

After working on a few Style Arc patterns, I’m used to their consistent information and instructions. I’m in Style Arc mode and I feel more confident in my sewing ability and decisions as I work through these patterns.


Style Arc patterns are seen as difficult patterns but that’s not true. The construction details are very specific and you need to know how to treat the fabric you’re using ie finishing techniques and seams finishes are the decisions you need to decide upon before you start.

Highly structured patterns are my favourites even when they’re not on trend. With Elani, I had to work past my love of close-fitted clothes and wear something more relaxed.


This tunic top has an extended shoulder line, in-seam pockets and shaped hemline. The shoulder shape and shaped hemline are beyond what I normally wear. But right now, I need clothes that keep me cool when I have hot flashes. It’s Easter and it still feels like Summer in Sydney.


My test version looked like the drawing and I now want to make another 1 or 2 of these styles. 
Now that I’ve worked on a few Style Arc patterns the table of finished measurements give me the right amount of info so I can adjust the length of their patterns.


I’ve also made a note about make a future dress length as long as it suits my height.

I used this remnant cotton fabric from Minerva Crafts. There are other remnant fabrics in my stash I’d like to try with this top. A soft viscose fabric might work or not.


Hey the pockets are great so now to decide on the next version.

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