Summer running tee

Last year I took part in promoting Wendy Ward’s Beginners guide to sewing with knit fabric through Minerva Crafts. This book was given to me as part of the promotion.

What I loved about this work was delving into Wendy’s book as a learner and loved how organised and thorough her book and patterns are. At the time I made up 2 patterns. This post is about using Winnats racer back tee for running.


In my reality, there’s no such thing as a great photo at the end of a run. This pic was taken last month after a morning training run. It’s usually dark when we start running but the sun’s up by the time we get back to the gym. Hence making this tee in orange.


The test version is in a bright lime colour. It fit fine so I made the orange version so I now have 2 glaringly bright tops to run in.


Wendy’s instructions are easy to follow and as you can see, this top is basically overlocked in white thread. The neck and armhole bands fit firmly on me.

No complaints about the top. It’s not designed as activewear but it works perfectly for me. Again I’ve used fabric from my stash.


I can be seen running when it’s still dark outside and that’s what matters.

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