Summer comfort

We’ve had all sorts of weather leading up to Summer and a jumpsuit made with fabric that meets Aussie Summer conditions is what I’ve done this month using Minerva Crafts fabrics and notions.

image 1

McCalls 7330 isn’t a loose style but it’s comfortable enough if you use challis, chambray, cotton blends or washed silk.

I used Robert Kaufman cotton Tencel slub denim dress fabric indigo and it feels great on. I’ve lovely to work with and has enough distress in the fabric to make it look like a real favourite.

When I saw the line drawing I decided to use dark buttons on this version.

image 2

The button tabs as shaped really well on this pattern. What you can see here is my a-ha moment once I sewed on the pants to the top.

I made a modified View D by swapping the front blouse pockets for the external pockets featured on views A and F. McCalls 7330 has enough ‘bells and whistles’ in this pattern that you can make it a few times and it will still look sensational.

image 3

These belt loops were added after I tried on the jumpsuit to assess the waist fit and not before. Part of my reason to try it at this stage was to assess how many buttons I would need on this version.

image 4

I used 3 buttons on this version. The top of the jumpsuit has a more defined v-neckline but it doesn’t gap. I’m short enough to do this. Everyone’s different so I’d recommend you try on your version as you sew.

picture 5

The armholes are finished using bias binding but I should have used the armhole binding pattern so the fabric had laid flatter.

picture 6

The back pants sit nicely as I did a sway back adjustment. This meant the centre back seam curve was widened at the base. I also extended the centre back waist and took it in my 2.5cm

This fabric is easy to wash, iron, cut and sew with. The weave breaths well and moves with you.

picture 7

McCalls 7330 is roomy enough to wear this comfortable but the style has enough waist definition if that’s what your shape needs.

I’m actually working on version no 3. Version no 2 is view B, a short pants version.

Thanks for Minerva Crafts for providing all the notions, pattern and fabric I needed to make this fun Summer jumpsuit.

Merry Christmas everyone. See you at the beach!

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