A silk treat

At this time of the year I felt like treating myself to a gorgeous silk blouse and this month Minerva Crafts has the perfect silk print too

.silk print from Minerva Crafts

Granted silk blouses aren’t an everyday garment but when I found this delicate cream and coral silk print on Minerva Craft’s website I decided to treat myself. Why not.

My original pattern choice was Butterick 6489. A flowy style compliments this fabric.


However when I tested out Butterick 6489, it did nothing for me. So I switched to Vogue 8906 for a smidge of waist definition. I only used the waist definition on the front.

pic 3

The darts at the back were not sewn and I’m really pleased I didn’t sew them.

I did however include the centre back zipper so there is some shaping here but not too much.

pic 4.JPG

Silk only needs a very light iron. I found I was steaming the top while wearing it before taking these photos. So yes this fabric creases but the creases come out quickly.

pic 6

I adore the print and I only had to place the red flower near my neckline. The rest of the print placement is ‘organic’. I didn’t fuss over the print too much.

pic 7

French seams are so easy to achieve with this silk.

pic 5

If you have time to treat yourself, grab some of this silk. It’s amazingly easy to work with.

Thanks Minerva Crafts.

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