Don’t sweat it

The plan was to use this fabric for a sweatshirt but because of its structure, I made this into a dress using Butterick 6494.

I know, it worked. Who would have thought.

My original idea was to use Jalie Marie-Claude raglan but the pattern needed 40% stretch. This floral print loop back sweatshirt knit fabric has minimal stretch.

I have made Butterick 6494 twice as a top using sweatshirt fabric so I knew this pattern would work again.

I wasn’t 100% sure it would suit me but I’m fine with this dress. To be honest, the movement in this fabric paired with the print, allows me to wear this in the office.

I think it’s the dress structure and the fabric print that lifts dress this so I can wear it for more than just one occasion.

You’ll chuckle when I tell you that this pattern is designed for 35% stretch fabric. I really need to read the pattern envelope before I choose my fabrics.

If I had used the right fabric, I would have made the 8 to 10 size dress. 

For my sweatshirt fabric, I made the 12 to 14 size dress.

This pattern has a good collar that is held up by the fabric structure. If I had used a stretchier fabric, the neckline may have tested my patience and it would have needed interfacing. With this sweatshirt fabric, not interfacing was used so that’s a win to me.

Yes I added the pockets to this dress. 

There is a bit of understitching to keep the pocket fabric sitting flat.

Note to self: read the pattern more closely.

Thanks Minerva Crafts for enabling me to stretch my sewing skills when I really need them!


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