That shirtdress

It’s no secret that I’ve made this shirtdress before New Look 6214.

Quite a few times.

Last year I wanted to make an evening version of this shirtdress but I ran out of time to sew it with all the sparkling notions I could find.

This month I decided to use the Pattern Review shirtdress contest to finally make this dress so I’m clearly deadline driven…most of the time. 

Voting has started so have a look at the gallery and see how many versions there are.

The beauty of this pattern is that I had prepped it with a full bust adjustment in 2014. 

Since then I’ve used the original bust size. Now I need the full bust adjustment and I opened up the bust ease.

I think it’s the 2-part collar that has me at ‘hello’.

This fabric has a satin finish and a marble print so depending on how you look at it, it can look like leather.

I enjoy slow sewing and not sewing too late at night.

I had to use bias tape on the hem because this fabric is so thick that handsewing the collar cut into my fingers badly.

I love the fact that I’ve used stash notions like these buttons.

Making a Winter version meant using the full sleeve and retro cuff.
You can just make out the belt buckle, also from the stash.

The back bodice has a pleat so in this fabric it looks awful but I have plenty of room to reach the wheel of my car to drive it. The last thing I need is to hear my dress split when I’m about to drive to work.

Or in the case of this dress, head out to a night out with friends.

So this shirt dress isn’t a pretty floral number but it’s certainly the evening shirtdress I wanted and will be wearing this Winter.
Happy voting

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