Pink fascinates me and I now have a pink Burda Style coat, using affordable pink poplin from Minerva Crafts. If you’ve never attempted a coat before, Burda Style 6772 has all the bells and whistles plus good instructions.

 I actually enjoyed seeing this coat come together.

The lightest coat most people choose are unlined chino coats. I decided to combine this cotton poplin with this light-weight anti static lining. They stock 127 colours in this lining.

The colour was my focus and the detailing in this Burda pattern had me sold on this project when I put my order into Minvera Crafts HQ.

Did I mention they have 37 colours in this poplin? Sorry, make that 39 cotton poplin colours.

I’m not a fan of adding seam allowances so having the seam allowances included on the paper pattern makes my job easier. The coat hems have 4cm hems. All the patterns have the lining lengths on the fashion fabric pattern.

Now I almost got caught out when I cut a fashion fabric piece using the lining fabric hem line. When this happened I quickly put the side panel on the fabric mistake and I was then able to not waste a scrap of fabric because of my mistake. Phew.

The sleeve details, collar and belt were the details I interfaced. When you look at the belt buckle, it’s a great match to the fabric. I used the sleeve buttons from View B on my coat.

This was easy to match using their website.

Of course I did my usual piping finish on the inside of the coat using premade bias.

Where the instructions easy to follow? Yes. They kept me on track while I assembled this coat.

The other aspect that kept my sewing accurate was marking the notches using these handy Prym products. The tracing wheel is ergonomic. The paper marks on easy. These marking chalks are good for writing on your fabric in an array of colours too.

This coat won’t ward off the cold, but I do feel like a secret agent when I wear this.

It’s a classic style I can certainly have fun with.

Thanks Minerva Crafts!

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