Sleeves this time

Hi! Here’s a pre-op story…

Two years ago I made Simplicity 1357 twice because it’s perfect for hot, humid weather. 

As you can see below I still wear this little retro number using Spotlight fabric in a medium weight cotton.
I wore this pink version recently on Day 2 of Couture Sewing workshop run by Susan Khalje. Yes, I’m a big fan of Susan’s work. 
As an aside note in 2019 we might have Kenneth D King teach in Australia – fingers crossed 🙂

Below is the maxi version of this dress, also great for Summer bbqs using a John Kaldor print from Minerva Crafts.
This bold blue cotton print is one I bought from Spotlight a while ago at $8/m and I decided it was time to make this dress up with short sleeves, possibly as a work dress.

Admittedly I can wear loud dresses to the office from time to time but my aim was to create a weekend dress and not ‘workify it’. There is no such word as ‘workify’. I just made it up. A ‘work appropriate’ dress would be the correct term.
The key fit area I checked this time was across my high hip measurement and I used the same pattern as two years ago.
This photo features the hip with a pocket matching the pattern.
The challenge on this dress were the sleeves.
They have a couple of pleats on either side of the shoulder seam.

With this fabric being so firm, the sleeves on this dress sit high and away from my arms. It’s a bit sci-fi looking.

I figured the way the sleeves would sit I would use blue satin bias binding to hem the sleeves. You can certainly see this finish when I’m wearing this dress so using pretty binding was a clever choice.

For a Summer dress like this I would have overlocked the hem edge and then folded it up once and sewn it closed.

I’m glad I put some thought into the finishing details this time.

Now I can recommend using the short sleeve version.

I truly love the pockets on this pattern! 

In case you’re wondering, I took this photo in hotel room we stayed at during the course Susan ran in Sydney in February.

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