coffee, cocktails and crutches

I had bunion removal surgery at the time of the Day and Night Dress challenge last month hence my very late blog post.
This blog post was my take on this year’s Day and Night dress challenge lead the very talented and supportive by Elizabeth.

My day look of choice is Papercut Patterns Yoyo dress for coffee catchups. The
fabrics and notions provided by Minerva Crafts – my long time sponsor and sponsor of this challenge.
Night cocktail dress
My night cocktail dress was made with fabric from my stash using Ellie and Mac’s Women’s Bell Sleeve dress pattern.
The fabric I chose has a huge print and is soft. I’ll show you shortly.

As you can see, I’m on crutches as I had surgery on my left toe a few weeks ago so under doctors orders I have at home with my feet elevated. Standing is painful. 

The skirt width on this dress is much wider that I would normally wear but under the circumstances, this style makes me feel less restricted. I can’t walk anyway so I can gracefully peer across the house on ‘The Lounge’.

About the pattern

I’ve never used Ellie and Mac patterns. They are one of the challenge sponsors so I got this pattern for free.

Ellie and Mac patterns offer a range of children’s patterns and a women’s range. Their patterns are ‘relaxed styling’ and while I’m normally an active person, relaxing styling is what I need during these weeks of recovery.
What I love about the pattern is its v-neckline and the instructions for sewing this v-neckline.

This is also easy to sew using an overlocker, which I did. 
The pattern is rated for a confident beginner and the seams are 1cm wide. 

Maybe it’s how I printed the pattern but there were very few marking on the pattern I printed out so I felt like I was ‘flying blind’. I rely on pattern markings when I sew any project together so I know I haven’t stretched the fabric too far.

If I wasn’t on pain medication my cocktail of choice would have been an Aperol spritz. Right now it’s soda water and lime but Aperol matches the colour of my fabric.

Day coffee dress
When I made up my Day dress for coffee, I had added pockets to an earlier version and adjusted the pattern to fit me to a tee.

This style is great for our weather.

I’ve also fully lined this dress with a smooth cotton fabric.

These are the two earlier version that use the facings but I felt a full lining would wear better, and it is a better solution for me.

For the purposes of this challenge I had to pair my day coffee dress with my coffee of choice – a Greek coffee.
Thanks again to Elizabeth for running this creative challenge.
Thanks to That Sewing Blab for featuring this challenge in episode 96 too.
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