Rambling rose garden guipure

Guipure lace sewing and jigsaw puzzles take time to complete but they’re fun to work on. 

Making guipure lace fit you is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and this dress was the same.

Today I released the front darts and unstitched the lining from the hem.

I used New Look 6000 for this project because this dress fits and is easy to tweak into place when I need to change the size.

I had some key battles with the fashion fabric let alone placing the guipure lace in a way that’s balanced. Guipure lace needs to be placed so it runs continuously horizontally and vertically.

Front view of rambling rose garden
I’m pleased this dress has worked out and the flowers placement is balanced.

The fashion fabric is a light-weight stretch woven but it was the perfect base fabric for this lace.

Back bodice closeup

Pitt Trading was kind enough to provide me with the fabrics and notions I needed for this dress.

The lining is a firm poplin as is the underlayer of the fashion fabric.

Today I unpicked the lining off the hem and released the back darts.

Together with the lace, this dress has 4 layers of fabric and it took a lot of time to keep each layer together.

You can kinda see the poplin underlayer beneath the fashion fabric.

This work in progress shot shows you a lot about placing the lace.

All the lace is hand sewn onto the fashion fabric.

I’m attempting to hand pick the zipper in.
The constant shifting of the fashion fabric made me decide to hand pick the zipper in place. This was the most secure way to sew in the zipper.
Sewing in the zipper and hand stitching the lace did get very scary at times dealing with a number of fluid layers of fabric. The fabric layers were also hand basted together so this was challenging.
One of the contest criteria was to make a project that reflects your skills so I’m hoping that the fact that I’ve used couture sewing techniques fulfils this component of the contest.
I used the sleeves to add more lace but in a rambling way. I’ve used the grey flowers for most of the sleeve.

There’s a lace contest on Pattern Review that I made this dress so it requires 75% lace component so this was my way of meeting that criteria while keeping this dress interesting.
There was a number of nights when I would just put this project to one side because the lace puzzle pieces were doing my head in,
At one point I was contemplating applying lace to this felt hat but right now my fingers are worn out from hand sewing guipure lace to the dress.
Would I sew with guipure lace again? In a heart beat.
I have one WIP Summer lace dress that I put aside to work on this dress for the Pattern Review lace contest.

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