Hats and tailoring

Making hats has been an easy transition using my tailoring skills and tools I already own.

Take this basic straw hat for example. I was able to shape the brim with my Prym ham and a steam iron.

The finger guard has been useful to ensure my fingers don’t wear out with all the hand stitching involved.

The internal Petersham tape is hand sewn inside the hat so it keeps it’s size and shape.
These Prym Love pins were easy to use and didn’t tear into the straw.
Straw can tear quite easily if you’re not careful.

As you can see, I used my previous hat as reference to ensure I was able to use the right stitches for each step of the process. Lots of waxed threads were used.

Both hats have hat wire along the brim so they keep their shape.

January was when I blocked this black felt hat at Catherine’s studio in Rozelle.

 I love the fedora crown shape

The brim was stretched out as far a possible so I had lots of brim width options.

 Then Catherine suggested I use this zipper edged trim. This trim suits my sewing addiction.

I finished the brim edge with a 25mm petersham tape. 

I was able to find a petersham tape colour at EM Greenfields for the straw hat. I bought the straw hat and crown trim from Catherine.

Remember that you get a 10% discount when you purchase any Prym product from Minerva Crafts website using this discount code ‘MARIA’.

I like that I now have two urban hats that fit my head. Cheers.

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