Vintage 1950s blouse

I chose Simplicity 1460 in December before the Vintage Pattern pledge began this year and it’s now one of my vintage pattern pledge projects.

From the measurements I chose size 14. That’s my current waist size and the review I read mentioned the waist measurement as an issue to keep in mind. 

This blue retro print version was the idea I felt worked best for this style. I love it.

The rest of this pattern has the ease I need to drive a car, reach for things on a shelf while not unintentionally flashing my tummy. 

I chose view A top and view C’s shorter peplum. The longer peplum might not suit my height so I’ll keep that in mind next time I use this pattern. For now, I’ve stuck with the shorter peplum.


Susan of measure twice cut once, gifted me this Gertie fabric and a perfect great test fabric.
The metal buttons are ‘vintage-like’ from my notions stash.


On the paper pattern I did a forward shoulder adjustment from the shoulder notch to the sleeve. Would you believe the bust points were accurate for me?

Here’s the final front bodice pattern with adjustments

Once I half sewed up the blouse, the waist wasn’t sitting at my waist. I took off 1.5cm off the blouse length and finished this test blouse.

Now that I’ve worn this blouse to work, I’ll lower the neckline by 1.5cm because the collar juts against my chin.

Paper pattern adjustments

I took out 2.5cm out of the centre front seam just under the bust so it doesn’t billow out as much. I do still need the room to move etc just not as much.

There’s a drag line from the shoulder point to my waist but if I pinch this ‘excess fabric’ out, I won’t be able to lift my arms. 

Here’s the test blouse

About this fabric
I love the cherry print.
The red in the cherries is awesome and there’s plenty of green in it too against a white base fabric.
This fabric is easy to cut, feels crepe-like and sews nicely.
In our ‘Game of Thrones’ Summer this fabric isn’t very comfortable to wear so this 1950s blouse style is the perfect choice as it sits on your waist and is a soft style.

A great blouse that sews up quickly.

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