Jumpsuit Summer

I tend to fall for jumpsuit patterns especially in Summer.

I made this McCalls (6362) jumpsuit a previous Summer but it felt uncomfortable after making it a slimmer fit. You need room to move in jumpsuits so after giving the previous version to charity, I remade it using this Liberty art print.

It’s an easy to sew pattern and I love the pockets. 

I’m not a fan of the back zipper – it sticks out too much but I need a zipper to get in and out of this jumpsuit. The back zipper is uncomfortable to zip in and out of when you need to ‘zip in and out of it’ quickly.

I’ve had great wearing success with this jumpsuit when I’ve had to country drive for hours in our Game of Thrones Summer. I’m sure a long leg version will be handy when the heat eases up at some point in time:)

Future plan:
Jumpsuits/rompers need lots of wiggle room so making long leg version using a cotton fabric isn’t the smartest move for me.

Using a rayon woven without the zipper might be a smarter approach. This pattern uses elastic in the waistband so that’s what I’ll stick to in the next version.

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