Summer by ‘John Kaldor’

John Kaldor prints (he’s an Aussie) are made in the UK and Sewessential UK asked me to make a Summer frock using New Look 6209 View A.

Who could resist (she says with a huge smile). John Kaldor Hermione Fabric in Red and Blue is soft and is easy to wear in the heat and humidity. 

While it’s the end of Summer here I finally got some beach time so the colours for this fabric look even more amazing. 

These colours would still look great if I was my usual ‘lily-look’.

Princess fitted dresses call for a test version. 

My test version showed I needed to tweak out some room along the front neckline pieces on the front yoke and front dress panel.

I already adjusted the hemline and readjusted the hemline after the test dress. 

The side back panel is where I took out the sway back piece at the waistline.

I actually used the smaller sized front panel (8) and then used the next size up for the rest of the dress panels (10 graded to 12 at the waist).

Lucy from Sewessential UK was great to work with on this project. 

Lucy chose the notions and was happy for me to used piping on the neckline. 

Before sending out my project, Lucy checked this print against a navy and a white lining, suggesting using white so the colours would be stronger. Lucy was right. The white lining keeps this print looking strong.

In a way, the lining is interlining as I’ve still used the armhole binding. The neckline detailing still looks sharp. 

Did I try to match this print? No. This print is not that defined so I made the most of the fabric so I was able to get the body of this dress cut along one length of fabric. Pretty economical really.

How does the fabric perform?
It’s soft and feels good.
It washes easily.
It’s easy to sew and manage ie, not slippery.
Ironing is a breeze

Perfect now for that high tea in our tropical Sydney Autumn weather.

So this print might not suit you. Well there’s nothing holding you back from having a squiz at SewEssential’s range of fabrics right? So why not go there now and have a look. It’s always free to look at fabrics online.

Thank you Lucy at SewEssential UK for this dress. It’s awesome for our Game of Thrones Summer.

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