Simple Skinny Jeans

Yes it’s Spring and I’ve made jeans. Simple Skinny Jeans using Sew Liberated Patterns.

White Tree Fabrics provided me with this pattern to try. And I did give this pattern a good try. 

Firstly I tried this pattern out using a stretch woven that had some stretch. I hadn’t bought the ‘real fabric’ yet. I did buy it in Melbourne last month:)
All the reviews of this pattern mentioned how low the body of these jeans are, so I raised them by 10cm. I checked this measure to the skinny jeans I love wearing.
The rise ended up right on my waistline. I prefer jeans to sit below my waistline so I removed 2.5cm from the top of the jeans for the second pair.

I did make the 8 size but had to take the legs in a bit at the side seam.
I also took some width out around my knees.

From the back I still had some work to do getting the leg fit right and bit of caboose work. The main caboose work was to raise the back yoke and back pockets up.

You can see how this additional work paid off. This fabric also had a lot less stretch than my test fabric.
Can you see the knit fabric at the waist?

That’s why they’re so comfy. 

Is that a bad thing? Comfy jeans?

These front pockets I drafted into this pattern, are functional. You have to take into account they might stretch open if the pocket is too low or not secured with additional topstitching.

The test functional pockets on the first pair of jeans kept flipping open so I topstitched them down at near the waistband.

I used double thread on the seams so they wouldn’t pull under the stress of the pattern stretch.

There’s as much topstitching on these jeans as you would see on any jeans.

As I said at the start, I gave this pattern a very good try and they work for me now.

I wore these jeans while sewing on Sunday and I could cut out patterns on the floor and still breath easily. 

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