Memory lane

Gold sequin lace

I finally found the time to use this remnant from Minerva Crafts with Olive pattern by Lolita patterns. 

The original Gold logies dress made from this gold sequin lace fabric last year is so lovely to wear. I wore this dress to a function recently so it was time to use this fabric one more time. 
Here’s the original dress worn last year,

While it’s Winter here, we had some warmer weather so I tried on the pink floral versionfor work and found it still fits nicely. The v-neck change I made is my favourite. Then I made the pattern up twice in again and decided it was time to finally use this sequin lace fabric. I couldn’t find my original test pattern so I had to re-trace my pattern pieces to fit from the final printed pattern.

The seams are 3/8” wide so the seams are overlocked. My original dress also has overlocked seams and when I wore it again, as it felt so lovely, it was easy to decide to use the same seam finish.

This lace does move quite a bit so I cut out the lining layers first and then used these as my pattern template over the lace. 

When sewing this top together I used the underlining as my seam guide and adjusted the lace as I went along.

I used paper scissors to cut the sequin lace fabric. The sequins are sewn on in swirls so while the carpet did sparkle a bit as I sewed; there wasn’t a torrent of sequins. I’m still finding a sequin here and there in my sewing room.

The selvege on this fabric has a lovely lace finish to it was, so I placed the sleeve hem and peplum hem on it so I could make the most of this feature.  

I made sure the lace finish was lower than the pattern hems.

I tried to use the rolled hem foot on the interlining hems but the result was really bad so I ironed the hems finely and then sewed these using a normal sewing foot.

I can pair this top with jeans or an evening skirt.

I’ll show you the two earlier tops soon. I used Liberty art fabric from Minerva Crafts.

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