Sweet paisley aka Marrikesh

Paisley. Such a classic print. So why not make a classic knit dress?

Burda 7828 has a summer knit dress but a long sleeve top – switch the pieces and you get a knit dress that can be layered for Winter – fabric provided by Pitt Trading called Marrikesh.

Winter Burda 7828

With a set of boots, this becomes a bit 70s.

Love wearing this dress with my Quart coat: my Pitt Trading Winter look.

The colours are bold and the fabric is strong and opaque.  
Pitt Trading just happened to have a lovely red fold over elastic I used on the neckline of this dress to go with this Marrikesh print.

Sewing on the fold over elastic on the neckline

Pitt Trading has lots of these knits (from a designer in Sydney) in store now. The original idea for using swimwear fabric for non-swimwear clothes was the Jillian’s idea.

Sylvia did a good job tempting me with some lovely prints but I stuck to this Marrikesh print with a contrasting trim.

So no need to line this dress for everyday wear. I’ve worn this dress a few times now.

I originally thought to make this fabric into the same style top bu decided to make this into a winter workout top using Kwik Sew 3567

Kwik Sew 3567

All the seams are overlocked in white. I’ve machine sewed the v-neckline flat and twin needle stitched the hems. All in about 2 hours – a very quick sew!

It get a bit chilly in the weights room at the moment.

That’s a measly 10kg bar. You gotta start somewhere.

This top does the trick in keeping me warm in between sets. The girls at the gym love this top. Yes – they know I make most of my activewear.

I’m trying to choose a weight #newbie.

You might notice this is a really long top. That’s so I can hang on the bars (while trying to find my waist) and not show any skin to the general public.

I do prefer like wearing this top with jeans, so it’s very versatile. 

Jillian at Sew Unravelled also gave herself the challenge of working with the latest lycra prints from Pitt Trading this month. Jillian has stretched herself with sewing lycra but you’ll love what she’s created using Jalie’s latest legging pattern Cora. Jillian’s done an awesome job. You have to have a look at her latest post.

Thank you to Sylvia and Julia for providing me with these fabrics and Susan for her amazing sewing knowledge.

PS: I do have enough of this print and powermesh for a pair of bathers.


  1. Both the top and the dress turned out great! I would never think to use swimwear lycra to make a dress, but now that I think about it, it must be so comfortable! Did you change anything in your pattern to account for the added stretch?


  2. I adore both these pieces. That dress is perfectly suited to the fabric and the print and I love it equally in use for your workout top. You have such a skill for matching fabric to pattern. Just gorgeous!


  3. Love the wrap dress… and with those boots and that coat it IS perfect for Fall and Winter! And look at you pumping iron!! You rock!


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