A quick note to say a big thank you to everyone who comments on my blog. 
The comment feature on this little blog had gone AWOL.I reset the blogger comments yesterday. Small win to me.


The comments reply widget (disqus) hasn’t been working over the last two weeks but I’m hoping to have this fixed on the weekend.


I like the idea of being able to directly reply to your comments so you know you’re being heard.


  1. i have mega problems leaving comments on Blogger from WordPress, very frustrating. Let's see if this works. Love your blog btw.


  2. It's frustrating when things stop working. I have been thinking about using discus on my blog because I like how I get email when you reply to my comments on your blog (or when Kristy replies to my comments on her blog).


  3. I have a LOT of problems commenting on blogger blogs – my own included! I had to change the comment style to make it work but it means I can't reply directly to people. What a bummer, you'd think google could figure it out!


  4. Always a nuisance. I looked at using Disquis myself, for just the reasons you use it, but digging deeper found that many people did not like commenting on Disquis because it is another account that needs setting up. I think also that if you reverse your decision to use Disquis, it keeps your comments. I may be wrong here.


  5. We just have to keep fighting this technology – otherwise it will think it is winning and the along will come I,Robot. (and strangely enough to be able to post this comment I had to tick that I was NOT a robot.)


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