Plaid fad

You can guess why I like plaid fabrics and as it’s cold I’ve made this little red number.

Here’s how I styled this new plaid skirt for work. The plaid is a dark red and it has taupe and green in it. I used my basic skirt pattern McCalls 9356 for the shaping.

This is a post construction pic to show the centre waistband lines matching across the centre back zipper and across the side seams.
This shows the other side seam match across the width and along the inverted pleat.
My guess is this fabric is poly and I bought 3 metres of it on ebay two years ago. The weave is fairly loose so I’ve reinforced the pleats at the top. I’ve matched the green stripe on the inside of these pleats. 
Because the front inverted pleats let me walk, I didn’t bother with a pleat at the back. I’ve fully lined this skirt so it doesn’t pill on the inside.

Now I’m tossing up to use the rest of this fabric on a Vivienne Westwood plaid jacket. It’s just an idea for now but it will certainly need a lot of thought and the jacket would need a bit of shaping at the waist.


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