Interview with FunkiFabrics

Funki Fabrics interviewed me recently because I love to sew my own activewear.

I’m a small blog in a big online sewing community.

While I do sew for myself, I’ve enjoyed sewing with Funki Fabrics for the family too so I know FunkiFabrics suit the Australian climate.

From time to time keep an eye on Funki Fabrics pinterest board too as I’ll be posting easy activewear sewing technique posts.

26 Feb: Updated information from Funki Fabrics for Lyndle’s question:

Composition of Funkifabrics’ fabrics

​The composition of the fabrics differs depending on which type of fabric/design it is. These details can be found on each individual product page. However, on the whole, the composition of the printed fabrics is 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane. The weight is 190 g/m² (grams per square metre). 

Are they all the same or are there different types?

While this question seems broad, all of the fabrics use the same print base product which makes them consistent. We have different prints and textures of fabric but the print base remains the same so they are all of the same quality.

Are any of the fabrics wicking?/What is it like wearing normal togs Nylon Lycra for working out?

Although the fabrics aren’t technically wicking fabrics, the print base that all​ of the fabrics have is fabric that is designed to be the ideal partner for all sport activities including cycling, running, skating, dance, sailing, skiing etc. The fabric has been worn and used during activewear by many sewing bloggers (including yourself and Erin at Miss Crayola Creepy). 

Erin recently published a blog post featuring Funkifabrics discussing the fabric and how she found it during exercising – here is what she said “Saturday morning my friend and I walked 4+ miles on the beach in a lot of soft sand and through dunes/hills. It was pretty warm (in the seventies) and we were both sweating. My legs were dry (the Polyester in the fabric helps with that), but since I was wearing a cotton shirt, my upper half was sweaty.”


  1. Great interview Maria! Maybe you can answer something I've never been able to find on the ff website. What composition are the fabrics? (I assume nylon lycra but can't find percentages) And what weight? Are they all the same or are there different types? Are any of them wicking? What's it like wearing normal togs nylon lycra for working out? Or maybe you can just point me to the right place on their site 🙂


  2. Hi Lyndle.
    Thanks for the questions. I've updated this post with information from Funki Fabrics.
    Personally I find their fabrics was great for togs and workouts. The cycling jersey I made using Fehr Trade's latest Surf for Summit pattern was worn on a hot, humid, Sydney Summer day in January. My gear looked fresher than I felt at the end of the ride. That helps when you've finished a 50km bike ride and want to sit at a cafe before heading home with out the patrons turning their noses up at you:)


  3. Thanks heaps! That's all just what I wanted to know. Love the stuff you make and I am inspired by your cycling and other active-ness.


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