Call it Summer madness – #pineapples. Here’s the top/skirt pineapple combo I made last year.


Then Darn Cheap Fabrics put up pics of their pineapple print fabrics on IG. All I’m saying is their phone purchasing service is quick, just like their mailing service.

Here’s a simple romper – made in one day. McCalls 6362.

This pattern is designed for wovens and since this fabric has very little stretch, I made it without a zipper in the back but used lace elastic at the neckline and armholes. I’m rethinking this and about to add a zipper at the centre front neckline – in black of course.
I’ve used this as a go-to piece when the weather is hot/steamy and I’m lazying around the house. Well I don’t lazy too much when I can sew instead.

You know how they say ‘what you do on the first day of the year, you’ll do all year?” Well I cut and made this dress on NY Day – Vogue 8949.

I’m aiming to blend into the garden.

I originally used this dress pattern for my December Minerva Make and it’s such a great fit and my current fitted go-to dress for Summer – ‘now with sleeves’. Yes. It’s fully lined. 

The day I wore it is was great to wear but I felt a bit meh, so I added the zipper to the front right seam for a ‘bit of interest’ and raised the hem to just above the knees.

I keep the zip closed for work. 
Now I’m thinking of applying a longer zipper in the front skirt seam for an evening version. 

Uhm … I have enough of this print left to make another dress but this fabric is fairly firm (linen) so I’ll have to pattern dive and find something with interest.


  1. You certainly found some great pineapple prints. Cute dress! You got me thinking about what I did on NY's day. I think I went for a long run… Good but I wish I had done some sewing too!


  2. Who even knew there was not one but at least three different pineapple prints out there! They all look great – and surprisingly different to each other. Maybe I should track one down for my Sydney trip!


  3. You are picking some great pineapple fabrics! That dress looks lovely. Worryingly, on New Year's Day I think I stayed indoors, watched rubbish television and ate rubbish food. NOT what I intend to be doing all year!


  4. I've made the remnant into another fitted dress Jillian and it's unlined. It still holds its own because the fabric is so firm.


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