All in one facing

I know I’ve done my dash on pineapple prints but I had some leftover and made another dress using my basic block pattern. Why? Because I wanted to use it before this blistering heat ends and to perfect an me-made ‘all in one’ facing.

Last week a few of us were after talking all things sewing and facings came up in the conversation. I decided to watch the Great British Sewing Bee series 2 because it’s finally showing on pay tv. Series 2 used a basic top with an all-in-one facing is challenge 1 episode 1. So on the weekend I experimented with an all-in-one facing on two types of fabric.

Here are my me-made drafted facings for my basic block dress.

The seams are built into my basic block pattern.

The key points for making smooth finish are clipping the seams and understitching close to the seamline.

I’ve used a cotton fabric because I ran out of this pineapple linen print.

It felt good to see I can sew facings. I do shy away from facings. 

Can you see the pocket sewn on the outside of the skirt?

As we’re currently living in hot, humid conditions, this sleeveless linen dress with last minute pockets is going to be worn quiet a bit now.

Then I decided to try and all in one facing on a stable knit dress using McCalls 6559,

The finish on the neckline and arms worked nicely.

Mr V likes this dress better than the green pineapple romper.
There was excess fabric at the waist so I pinched it out and formed a french dart.

The centre back has shaping to overcome my sway back. The back still needs a back dart at the waist because there’s a bit more excess fabric under the arm.

It’s good to reuse handy sewing skills like all-in-one facings again. And that’s all my pineapple fabric for this Summer.
As Nicole mentioned below, Jenny has a great bunch of posts about all in one facings.  You have to enjoy her well-written, well-photographed posts.
Update: Go to the Sewing Directory for details about the Great British Sewing Bee Series 3.


  1. More awesome pineapple print clothes – you're too cool for school Maria! I think series 3 is starting soon over in the UK, isn't it? I'm looking forward to it! I love all in one facings – I like that they don't flip out the way separate neckline and sleeve facings can, and I find them easier to make neatly than bias bound edges :).


  2. You are all about the pineapples maria! So hot right now! All in one facings are great. I always wonder why I don't use them more often.


  3. Jen's posts are thorough and fun to read. She's so engaging. Thanks for the heads up Nicole.
    I know you'll nail facings soon


  4. Love the pineapples. I love the idea of all in one facings , I avoid facings and mine never seem to sit flat no matter what I do so I think I will give this a try.


  5. All in one facings are so neat compared to the separate ones. I haven't done them for years as a lot of my sewing has been with knits. But I have filed the reminder away for the next sleeveless woven garment I make. I also love french darts they are my favourite type of dart for a dress. In fact I have sleeveless woven dress with a french dart lined up for my next MAGAM. How about that! 🙂


  6. So funny to hear about your blistering heat while I am experiencing real feel temperatures today of below zero here in the Northeastern part of the U.S.! Anyway, love both your dresses. Your all in one facings turned out beautifully.


  7. More pineapples, truly I'm amazed there are so many prints out there! I've found I have only been successful with all in one facings when the fabrics are very stable, I have cut accurately and not fiddled with the fit along the way (i.e. never!), otherwise I get puckers everywhere! You got a good result with yours.


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