Kiwi-styled cycling top

Cycling on the roads can be a scary activity so having a cycling top that screams “I’m here” is what I’ve created with Melissa’s latest Surf to Summit top.

My fabric is ordinary poly/lycra knit. Nothing special. The fabric isn’t a gift. I did test this pattern for Melissa and I added a few ‘bits’ to it – reflective piping and hidden pocket.

Mr V said the fabric looks Maori-inspired, hence it’s ‘Kiwi-styled’.

None of my stash fabric used is wicking but this top is not form fitting either so it worked really well for a training road ride on the weekend.
The sleeves are raglan so there’s a colour blocking opportunity with this top.
The neckline choice I’ve used hugs my neck, so there’s less likelihood of sun or wind burn.

I added a zipper/neck guard that I’ll post the technical details of in a future post. It stops the zipper teeth and top from sticking into my neck, and I’ve seen this detail used on RTW tops.
Can you see where I’ve used woven reflective tape at the back? 
I bought a couple of rolls of reflective tape in Hong Kong when Allison C took me to Sham Shu Po in July this year. I have a stack of woven reflective tape and it’s easy to apply if you use it like piping.
I think you can see the reflective tape better in this pic.
Can you see how clever Melissa has been with her design? Check out the fold over elastic.

Here’s a closer view of where the fold over elastic is used.
And I’ve sewn in a secure pocket using a white invisible zipper because I really wanted a secure pocket for my phone, money and id. 

The reality of ‘road cycling’ is I take my driver’s licence and medical card with me on every ride so if there’s an accident, the ambos can identify who I am if I’m knocked out cold. ‘Touch wood!’ 

The 30km test ride was on a warm day. The real top will be smaller and really bright.

If you decide to indulge and buy Melissa’s new Surf to Summit top, Melissa is offering 10% off saving if you buy two or more patterns by using the code “10OVER20” before 26 December! The Surf to Summit Top pattern comes in men’s and ladies’ editions, too!

I’ll show you how to add a secure pocket and zipper neck tab in the next blog post. My next version will be the ‘real’ version.

Until then have a safe Christmas everyone.


  1. This looks really fantastic! The reflective tape is perfect. This top looks so posh. I've made one long sleeved running one thus far but need a small alteration before moving to #2 (I didn't test this pattern this go round.) Love the contrasting zipper as well.


  2. Oh Maria, your sporty posts always make me feel guilty about my total lack of exercise! Great work on the cycling top, much better than those corporate logo ones that most MAMILs I see are wearing!


  3. Thanks Kathy.
    It's a versatile pattern and really #1 is just as useful as #2 will be. Any contrasts on cycling jerseys make it easier for car drivers to see me on the road.


  4. You definitely have a great looking top and the use of the reflective piping is perfect. We didn't manage to find this shop on our visit to Sham Shu Po and unfortunately we weren't any good at following Alison's directions 😦


  5. I've only used reflective tape that I then make into piping. So there's some construction on my part with the piping.


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