Kiwi-styled cycling top

Cycling on the roads can be a scary activity so having a cycling top that screams “I’m here” is what I’ve created with Melissa’s latest Surf to Summit top.

My fabric is ordinary poly/lycra knit. Nothing special. The fabric isn’t a gift. I did test this pattern for Melissa and I added a few ‘bits’ to it – reflective piping and hidden pocket.

Mr V said the fabric looks Maori-inspired, hence it’s ‘Kiwi-styled’.

None of my stash fabric used is wicking but this top is not form fitting either so it worked really well for a training road ride on the weekend.
The sleeves are raglan so there’s a colour blocking opportunity with this top.
The neckline choice I’ve used hugs my neck, so there’s less likelihood of sun or wind burn.

I added a zipper/neck guard that I’ll post the technical details of in a future post. It stops the zipper teeth and top from sticking into my neck, and I’ve seen this detail used on RTW tops.
Can you see where I’ve used woven reflective tape at the back? 
I bought a couple of rolls of reflective tape in Hong Kong when Allison C took me to Sham Shu Po in July this year. I have a stack of woven reflective tape and it’s easy to apply if you use it like piping.
I think you can see the reflective tape better in this pic.
Can you see how clever Melissa has been with her design? Check out the fold over elastic.

Here’s a closer view of where the fold over elastic is used.
And I’ve sewn in a secure pocket using a white invisible zipper because I really wanted a secure pocket for my phone, money and id. 

The reality of ‘road cycling’ is I take my driver’s licence and medical card with me on every ride so if there’s an accident, the ambos can identify who I am if I’m knocked out cold. ‘Touch wood!’ 

The 30km test ride was on a warm day. The real top will be smaller and really bright.

If you decide to indulge and buy Melissa’s new Surf to Summit top, Melissa is offering 10% off saving if you buy two or more patterns by using the code “10OVER20” before 26 December! The Surf to Summit Top pattern comes in men’s and ladies’ editions, too!

I’ll show you how to add a secure pocket and zipper neck tab in the next blog post. My next version will be the ‘real’ version.

Until then have a safe Christmas everyone.

Anita: great leggings

Making ponte pants can be a hit or miss exercise. Anita Ponte Pants pattern by Tessuti’s is a quick sew and with the right ‘body’ dimensions and good quality fabric, these are perfect for winter.

Making trousers or leggings will be frustrating if you don’t know your shape. Investing time and help to know your shape is invaluable. I’ve been making pants for a while now and I know that my curves have changed so I can add these changes to many pants patterns.

For me, being ‘petite’ means I have to get the shape right and the length right at two places. 

As a cyclist, I also need to avoid creating baggy knees with ponte pants. There’s a lot of muscle in these little legs so some shaping happens at the knees. Nothing scientific. It’s all based on my shape at the time.

Here’s the original pattern.

Here’s ‘my’ ponte pants pattern. Shorter legs. Shaping at the knees. My curve mark are drawn rough on the pattern.  Sway back adjustment. Shortened the centre front seam. But – they fit like a dream.  And – it was worth the effort.

I’ve now made these four times. I live in these ponte pants when it’s cold. My days of wearing baggy, RTW leggings are over.

Ponte pants paired with Anita winter tee

This test version uses ponte from my stash. As you can see from the front view, I didn’t have enough fabric (not usually a petite problem) so I made a feature of the join below the knee.

The ponte quality is ok and I was able to resew the seams to get the fit right at my knees.

Here’s the ‘good’ version made with a basic Chorizo Squad ponte and elastic from Tessuti’s.

Chorizo ponte pants with Mandy boat tee.
The difference is how the ponte feels smooth against my legs and how this fabric holds me in place too:)

This fabric has a good amount of spandex (Oxblood Red 66% Viscose 30% Nylon 4% Spandex Ponti Double Knit. Width:150cm).

I use less than 1 metre so I’m pleased at being able to make great leggings that keep their shape and colour using Tessutis ponte. 

I used clover clips to avoid making pin holes in this spandex

And for a bit of shine, I bought a $10 remnant from the Melbourne Tessuti’s store in July and made these.

Anita shiny ponte pants with Anita knit winter hoodie.

Just for fun – I think the ‘disco-chick’ in me is still there somewhere – just waiting to get out. 
Mr V chuckles when he sees me wear this pair. 

So I had a nice Winter collection this year.

That bright pair on the far right – is ‘far out‘!