Stormset for him

Kwik Sew 2881 is a classic men’s pattern for a classic bloke like Mr V. 

I’ve used RO209 Stormset Blue print for this set using fabric from Funki Fabrics. Stormset is appropriate based on the tropical storms we’ve been getting so far this Summer.

The contrast is a navy blue and these trunks has the leg seams so there’s no chafing.

 Here’s his new summer set

This fabric was really easy to hem on the coverstitch machine.

 He’s really happy with his new rashie. It dried off very fast on a 40C day by the pool.

Do you think he’s going to expect more makes for Summer? What have I done?

Thank you Funki Fabrics for these two fabrics. The colours have held up in the heat so far and we’ve got a long Summer ahead, and we’re so ready for a day on the beach, once the sharks leave Bondi Beach:)

About the fabrics 

Funki Fabrics are polyester print base and they are also: 

  • Ulta chlorine resistant
  • Pilling resistant
  • Shape retention
  • Two way stretch 
  • UV protective

Mr V loves the UV protection. He burns so easily even in the Winter.

If you’re seriously considering sewing your own activewear, read Susan’s activewear post that she wrote earlier this year. Her sewing industry knowledge is priceless.


  1. You are so ON TOP of this stretch sewing thing! I really need to get more practice in. Might have to look into that pattern for the redheaded DH too – I can never find him a rashie that is long enough for his 6 foot 2-ness.


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