I wore these ‘test’ Esther ‘ shorts when we traveled earlier this year. They did the trick.

I widened the inner thigh seam because I cycle.

Increased the depth of the centre back crotch curve to suit my shape.

Lengthened the centre back seam for sway back by 3cm.
My husband is convinced I need to see physio for my sway back curve. He could be right.

Checked the waist width and adjusted the grainline.

The seams are 1/2″ on this pattern and it uses an invisible zipper on the left side seam.

So the first version felt big on me so tapering this in at the centre seams and back darts before I added the waistband was an easy fix. 

The leg length is 2″ too long for my height (#petite) so again, that was easy to adjust. 
Then I shortened the body pieces by 1″ (#toohighwaist). Another easy adjustment.

Here’s version two.

I’ve added a feature that I like on shorts – a zipper fly. The other feature I would add to a future pair are belt loops. 

The pattern matching was fun. The invisible zip is not so invisible…

Here’s the final set using Vogue 8815 peplum top.

So I think I now have a cute shorts set to wear for the Summer BBQ season.


  1. Love this playful, summer-y set! As Sophie would say – set-acular. I've had a mild hankering for either a 'play suit' or a matching set like this for a little while now… that hankering just got a lot stronger!


  2. Nice work Maria, the whole outfit together looks great especially with those shoes. Funnily enough I have the Esther pattern pinned to some fabric, wondering whether I should do a muslin or not!


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