Jalie swimwear – part deux


Jalie patterns provide the child to adult sizes in each pattern they produce. They’re very family friendly.

Funkifabrics gave me a decent amount of dyesplosion so my littlest niece now has her own dyesplosion beach set for Summer. 

The brand new print you see above was created by Funkifabrics to help raise money for Children in Need. 25% profits made from this fabric will be donated to help the lives of disabled children in the UK.

Jalie swimshorts
My littlest niece is very active so these swimshorts (3351) with swim bottoms work for her (and are approved by her Mum too).

She has been through the ‘pink clothes’ stage and she now loves bright colours so dyesplosion works for her.

The built in pants are made from dyesplosion too.

Jalie top

View B (3247) halter style, seemed the best (practical) option for my littlest niece. 

Finished set

Cut for print placement

The lining is sewn onto the front and then the fold over elastic is sewn on.
About the fabrics 

Funki Fabrics are polyester print base and they are also: 

  • Ulta chlorine resistant
  • Pilling resistant
  • Shape retention
  • Two way stretch 
  • UV protective

Something to consider.

I still had leftover pink lycra in my stash so I made her a pink version using Jalie 3247 view A, racer back top. 

The fabric has a bit of pattern line in it so I obliged and made sure the lighter pink circles balanced across these two pieces.

Below is shows the final hemming stage of construction.

She now has plenty of ‘play wear’ that can be washed many times over.

Thank you Funkifabrics for dyesplosion and Jalie patterns for 3351 and 3247. The hot weather is here and so are some really cute beach outfits for the littlest niece.

Postscript 24 November 2014: The littlest niece loved all of these pieces. She loved the pink set more than I thought. She loved the dyesplosion set too. The Mum’s who saw the dyesplosion set were ready to put in orders for a few more sets for gymnastics. Jalie’s patterns are spot on. The colours in these Funkifabrics are excellent.


  1. I hope she likes it.
    With the weather you get in Qld, I think you'll get lots out of the top pattern. I'll blog the shorts change I made shortly.


  2. Your niece is quite the lucky young lady to receive these wonderful garments! It's funny for me to read about hot weather where you are. Right now, here in NJ, the real feel temp is 28 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also windy with a mix of snow and rain. brrrr


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