Thanks Yoshimi

Yoshimi sent me some amazing fabric last year and I felt this jumpsuit McCalls 6969 would do it justice with a hint of lining to ‘make it work’.

With a bit of fabric stash diving I came up with a light weight black stretch woven for lining and some buttons. 

Earlier this year I made a couple of jumpsuits using McCalls 6083 but this style had a bit more structure to it so I bought it when McCalls had one of their sales. 

You really don’t need too much structure in a jumpsuit/romper/onesie because you need to be able to move, avoiding a possible ‘wardrobe malfunction‘. 

The challenges 
– making it fit the first time 
– matching the pattern across the body
– lining up the dots on the collar and lapel
 sewing with a knit that kept curling 
– sewing with a slippery interlining
– my overlocker was playing up too.

Lining up the print on the jumpsuit body

– Took out 3″ from the leg width.
– Lowered the buttons for a deeper but v-neckline
– Used elastic on the waistline
– Added 3cm to the centre back trouser seam.

Lining up the pattern on the collar facing.

The outcome
– Exactly what I wanted.
– Not too tight.
– I don’t look like a council worker 
– No wardrobe malfunctions.

Back view

Finesse changes or what I’ll do next time
– Raise the armhole depth by 2.5cm.

Ensuring the collar had the print at the collar points.

I hope I’ve given this fabric some justice to the potential vision Yoshimi had when she originally bought this fabric. 

It just so happened the buttons were a promotional gift I received a few years ago from Lots of buttons a couple of years ago.

I felt really comfortable wearing this jumpsuit to Frocktails and chill with sewing bloggers from Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Port Macquarie and Sydney. This pattern will stay at the top of my ‘must sew again’ list.


  1. The jumpsuit looks superb! Great job, Maria! Thank you for showing me the garment you made with the fabric, it is so sweet of you. I'm impressed by your clever use of the fabric too. It was not a big piece and I still can't believe you made this out of it… you're so good at cutting!


  2. Hi Yoshimi.
    It was my pleasure to act as host to you last year in Melbourne and I really wanted you to be at Frocktails so this was my way of making sure 'you were there' too.
    Your work is always superb.


  3. Cool jumpsuit! You definitely don't look like a council worker but a very stylish lady. Yoshimi picked perfect fabric for you, matching your shoes!


  4. That is wonderful! I just love that the fabric choice combined with the pattern makes an awesome jumpsuit! Love it!


  5. Wow so on trend! The fabric is lovely and even though it is a jumpsuit the pattern is quite simple letting the fabric be the star of the show.


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