Vogue 1378 tech notes

This is a good Winter or trans-seasonal top Vogue 1378.

This style wraps you like a cocoon and this top needs to wrap you to stop the pleats looking baggy. I made the hip gathers pleats. I like pleats because they’re flatter. 

I want to make both of these styles, but the top comes first.

I stash dived to check if this pattern’s dimensions suited someone my height and shape. Petite. The version worn by the model has really long sleeves. There’s a lot of sleeve length at her wrist. As it’s the end of Winter, I want some sleeve overflow to cover me against the cold.

Coral test version:
I chose this fabric because it’s strong enough to wear with dark colours. I now know this colour lifts my spiritsThis is pattern is fabric hungry so this fabric was a good choice.

I was a bit wary of the pleats on the hip but I bunched them where my back curves so there was no need for a sway back adjustment.

This is one of those pattern I needed to sew following the instructions to the letter. 

I couldn’t find the waistline on the pattern pieces. The waist and hip points are usually marked on patterns and I use these points to make my usual length adjustment so I had to guess the petite adjustment for length.

I removed 8 1/2″ off the hem. I checked how long my regular tee lengths are from under the sleeve to the hem and folded up the extra length. That actually worked on my shape. 
Good guess.

I removed an 1″ out of the neckline pieces because this test version gaped. 

Finding the shoulder line was easy enough to make my usual roll shoulder adjustments on the shoulder line and on the sleeve head. I folded this out 2″ at the elbow because I wanted the sleeve to hug my lower arm and wrist. This worked well too. 

Real version:
It’s part of my September Minerva make 🙂  Stay tuned…


  1. 8″?! Whew! You could've had a hot little mini dress happening! 😉

    I cut this pattern — to and bottom as soon as it came out and got scared of it. I'm itching to see your final version. Love this one.


  2. Quite a tee – I think it is certainly the sort of shape that would work well on a body, rather than a dummy. You would look good in the colour with your own deep colouring.


  3. Your top is coming along quite nicely. I look forward to seeing the finished garment on you. I agree about that color – it most definitely is uplifting.


  4. That looks a challenging make but really comfortable to wear. Thanks for always dropping into my blog. My OWOP fabric didn't come in the post so I might have to dip out, I shall look forward to seeing yours. Jo x



  5. I love seeing what creations you make. It takes me out of just looking at sewing all the time.
    Hopefully your fabric will arrive soon:)


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