Jackie: welt pockets

If you’ve already made the buttonholes, these pockets will be a breeze to sew.

Here are you pocket pieces ready to work with.

Mark the pocket with the pocket template.

I’ve then stitched around the pocket markings. Here’s the front view.

Here’s the back view.

The welt pieces are then sewn together and turned to the right side.

Here are the pocket back pieces with welt. 

Pin the pocket pieces to the coat and pin down the full pieces so they don’t slide under and get caught up when sewing. I’ve had this happen to me before. #sadface.

Before I cut the jacket pocket, I check the pieces were sewn on properly.

If there’s a bit that wasn’t sewn on properly, I’ll resew this piece. No unpicking necessary.

Then I cut the fabric and pull through the pocket pieces. 

This bit is fiddly so I’ve used the diagram so you can see that you capture the cut ends and sew them flat to the pocket pieces before you finish sewing the pocket bag.

Here’s the finished product.

And that’s it for making welt pockets with the welt piece machine sewn onto the coat.


  1. The pocket template helps marking the pocket in the right spot. Also a wide welt gives this a finished look. So really, there are lots of 'things' about this pocket that make it look good.


  2. I wish I had this info a couple of months ago . I practiced perfect welt pockets and then inserted them upside down on the real garment


  3. Hey, my fabric is almost the same risqué as mine (mine is a little darker)! I will hand sew the side of the welts on as my fabric is quite thick. Am still sick so not doing much else but planning…


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