Jackie: Does size matter?

If you’ve printed your pattern and are trying to figure out what size to choose, there are a couple of reality check things you can do before you decide to pick your size.

1. Do you have a jacket that you love? 
Yes: Grab your measuring tape and check the dimensions on this jacket.
No: Go to your nearest mall and find a jacket that has the dimensions that you are comfortable with. Then check the dimensions of this jacket. How you do this is up to you…

2. What would you realistically wear under your jacket?
One layer: Go for good fit across your shoulders, high bust and back width. Maybe even slim down the sleeve width.
Two layers: Go for a relaxed fit across your shoulders, high bust and back width. Check the sleeve fullness over the type of layers you would wear under your Jackie coat.

I have to admit, my maths is fairly basic so I’ll always check what my size is at the time of making each project, even when I’ve made the pattern before.

What’s your size?
Iconic patterns lists their sizes here.

The beauty of Jackie is it’s a warm layer and as the jacket is a-line, the main fitting focus is at the bust and shoulders. You know your shape.

Threads has a good article about picking your size.

Grading across patterns
Jackie is a multi size pattern. This gives you the lines you need to grade your sizes. This gives you and easy way to grade your jacket to fit you – ‘grading 101’ if you like.

This is all the grading I needed. Size 8 at bust and size 10 at hips.

What size do you think you’ll need?


  1. I think we wear a lot less layers under jackets in Australia than you would living in the North. This could be a fall jacket.


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