Trousers – from scratch

What’s another challenge amongst friends?

SarahLiz is a keen sewer and blogs her sewing development as she goes. She shares her journey and I’ve picked up a lot of lessons from her blog posts. Making toiles is one of them.

This year I’ve drafted an A-line dress and a pencil skirt, so this month it’s time to draft trousers. After studying for a few months, I’ve realised I learn well on my own and as most of you know, pictures don’t lie.

Made in 2011

I’ve read mix reviews about Metric pattern cutting for women’s wear by Winifred Aldrich and it took me a good 6 months to get a trouser pattern to fit me in 2011, but my curves are back. So while this is purely a selfish endevour, I know I’ll have to make loose-fitting trousers for Mum, so it’s worth practising. I know Mum’s fitting points.

I have other resources on hand if I get stuck. And patience.

My skinny jeans still fit nicely, the Jalie jeans do as do the pull-on trousers I use for hot humid weather using fine cotton fabrics, but it’s time to learn how to draft this pattern from scratch.

Made this year.

And I have a Craftsy course up my sleeves too.

Meetup with Anita McAdam
If you haven’t already let Anita know you’ll be joining us at the Powerhouse Museum on Sunday 27th October, go to the facebook page she has specifically created for this meet up page so you can let her know you’ll be there. You don’t have to have a blog to attend.


  1. Trousers always seem to be hard to get right but when you do they're great so good. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do a great job with all those resources 🙂


  2. I had one of Winifred Aldrich's early books year ago – she is very clear. This will be quite an exercise – trousers are so tricky. I am so looking forward to seeing what you do – I learn a lot from you as well 🙂


  3. I am going to be watching your progress with great interest, pants are still on my to do list and after seeing Valerie's success I am tempted to start from scratch! Now what Craftsy course are you doing?


  4. I bought that Aldrich book, and when it arrived my eyes glazed over and I moved on to making some more pretty dresses instead! Proper pants fitting and making need time and dedication, so I'm sure you'll do great. Does this mean your studies are all finished now?


  5. Good luck on your continuing trousers endeavor. It seems you've had good luck so far (with some hard work thrown in for good measure). I have those same three fitting books, heh! I drew a trousers draft from the Aldrich book (maybe 3 years ago), but it's still sitting there on the paper. So I don't know how well it fits (:


  6. Good luck with the trousers. Lena is right drafting is fun. I also have the David Coffey book but have not taken the time to test it. Comes with the CD and looks great. Gail have you tried the David Coffey book?


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