Advance 8190 – wrap top and meet up

Thank you for your words of encouragement with my triathlon post. I know it wasn’t a sewing post but I thought it was a fun thing to share.

Advance 8190
There are so many steps you can avoid when sewing with knits. No seam finishes, so hemming or just a quick rolled hem on the overlocker.

Anita of Studiofaro had a weekly pattern puzzle of this pattern. At the end of the weekend, she solved the puzzle and posted the instructions to make this top up.

Redpoint Tailor made her wearable version in pink.

I was trying to do a 1950’s pose. Oh well…

My work version is made from a grey light-weight knit and I’ve worn it a wee bit with my self-drafted Veronica skirt by Mercuryhandmade. The wrap band is 20cm wide and its length is twice the fabric width. I think this was a Fabric Store piece. Grey is a my work staple.

Gail of My fabrication has been sewing up a storm with Anita’s help too. I’ve never met Anita  but will be on Sunday 27 October, 2.00pm at the Powerhouse Museum. She put out a call to all sewing bloggers on her facebook page. You don’t need to have a blog to join!


  1. Beautiful dress! I just finished sewing 2 knit dresses in cotton knit, and one of them gave me such trouble. Not easy and breezy the way folks make sewing with knits out to be. I have to look at what that pattern puzzle is, it sounds intriguing.


  2. The top looks great! And yes because of the colour it does looks like a dress. Looking forward to meeting you finally at the meet-up. Thanks for sharing with your fans. 🙂


  3. Wow you are back to sewing up a storm! When do you get your course evaluations back? Also meant to say I'm impressed by the small amt of training you did for your tri–a testament to how physically fit you are!


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