Give it a Tri

That’s right – a triathlon.

After spending time studying, I had to sew and train less but it was winter so by September I was feeling like a slug. A happy slug, but a slug.

So a couple of weeks ago a training friend mentioned the Triathlon Pink that was on today. My study projects are being assessed right now so there’s no reason to remain a happy slug.

I did a test tri Friday last week – swam eight pathetic laps; did a 1 hour bike class; ran/shuffled three kms on the treadmill. 90 minutes was my estimated tri time. The rest of that day was physically painful but I got through it. On the weekend I did a few long bike rides then through the week, I did eight pathetic laps four days straight and by Thursday, I didn’t feel so puffed after 10 freestyle laps. Yay “recovery Friday”.

Triathlon Pink is an all-female triathlon series with a fantastic, fun day of personal achievement. They also raise money for charities who provide breast cancer support, education, research and advocacy. I chose to do this tri for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. There are fun runs for men and women earlier in the morning and I was amongst a lot of happy and eager Pink Tri newbies.

DH came for support and took pics. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. My aim was to not drown in the ‘pink human milkshake’.

That’s what the pool was like with waves created by the Pinkies. We filed in the water one at a time. I got a cheer because I was the second last swimmer out of the pool for the long triathlon :))

They had pool attendants in the water to help weak swimmersand one lovely attendant follow me across each lap. Her help was very much appreciated. The waves threw me off so I managed one lap of freestyle before I spluttered through five laps.

Last year one lady did the long, medium and short Pink triathlons consecutively. This year 112 women did all three Pink triathlons.

The transitions were well organised. The sun was out and the conditions were pleasant. Everyone was in a good mood. The elite groups got to start first so the rest of us Pinkies got a good go at doing the tri in our own time. I got through the bike and run legs ok. And DH found me at the finishing line.

Official time for this newbie was 65 minutes. I’m now a Pinkie and will concentrate on swim training for the next Pinkie tri in March 🙂 Anyone want to join me?
All images were taken by DH and the triathlon organisers have approved this post. Undertaking this triathlon was my crazy idea:)


  1. Congratulations! I'll cheer you on but not join you. The first and last time I did a group swim, The Rapps biathalon, I felt like I was going to drown. We swam in a lagoon of the SF Bay.

    I didn't know that a tap on the shoulder means “get out of my way so I can pass.” So I kept swimming. Then, several people pulled on my swimsuit straps or pushed me under and .swam over. me. Apparently, that's fair game after giving me a warning tap on the back or shoulder.

    Never again.


  2. Wow – congrats – and thanks for the offer but no – won't be joining in…… 🙂

    LOVED the clip of you crossing the finish line – had HUGE grin on my face watching it. Almost like I was there watching.


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