3 in 3 days – Kwik Sew 3790

Winter was officially warm this year but as August left us, I gave winter sewing one more chance.

So there was the white test version first with my self-drafted pencil skirt. This test version doesn’t count as one of the final 3.

Then there were 2 Knitwit fabrics in animal prints that had to be made up. They have a winter feel to them and this was the perfect way to use them and keep cosy.

Tops 1 and 2 are jungle-inspired.

Finally here’s a Pitt Trading piece that I bought a while ago.That made 3 tops in 3 days.

And then I decided to make the white print with a remnant piece from a couple of years ago. Yes. I can’t count. I officially made 5 winter tops and they covered my winter shape too.

The side ruching was done on my overlocker, now that I know how to use it more since attending the overlocker workshop earlier this year. And that’s as complicated as this top is. I can cut it out and sew it up within 2 hours. 

The summer versions will be a bonus to make and smaller because I’m training for a triathlon that’s on this Saturday. The winter padding is coming off. And summer has arrived early but not the mozzies, yet.


  1. Five is even better than three! I like all your versions of this lovely top – I look forward to seeing your summer versions.

    Winter sewing's on my mind now, as we're enjoying our last few warm days and the birds are migrating…


  2. Oh wow, look at you go! Nicely done-I think I like the white one best as it would go well with casual as well as office attire. There's a similar pattern in burda 02/2013 (but sleeveless) so I might give it a go for summer.. XD


  3. That's a solid ten hours work, five tops. The asymetrical neckline is lovely and also points the eye down to the side and away from the middle of the mid section – very clever! It's a very smart top, and so different in all your colourways.


  4. 3 tops in 3 days … wow. I feel very humbled as I am sitting here with my birthday dress still only at the beginning stage and my birthday already well passed. Well done 🙂


  5. Lovely set of tops – when I get a fave I repeat it too. This year it was a Lekala top (I have 3). I have this pattern and must try it out as I love the neckline on you. Maybe I need to try to prepare for a triathlon too as I still have my 'winter coat' on! All the best for it!


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