Fifth Avenue IRL

Here’s what Sharon and I got up to on Saturday morning. You’ve seen the Fifth Avenue plan and the Fifth Avenue prep posts for this dress. I put on a bit of lippy, got dolled up in Fifth Avenue and we took these photos at the old GPO. 
We walked into the hotel in our normal weekend gear and I got changed quickly out of my me-mades and swung out in this little gorgeous number with heels. 
Passers-by had fun watching us taking pics on a cold autumn morning. Thankfully the city is very quiet on the weekend.

But it was so much warmer inside and only a couple of holiday makers from the hotel around.
The pic below is for the detailed sewer who wants a closer look at the fit and the flounce.

Enjoy. I think this dress will be great for next month’s high tea.
Sew Chic patterns is where Fifth Avenue was designed.


  1. That is one gorgeous dress. Great to see you modeling it. It looks fab on.

    You are so sweet to offer help to me at our next sewing meeting. Look forward to seeing you on Sat.


  2. Wow, this is so classy! I really love it, it will be great for high tea. I also liked your tracksuit jacket from a few days back. It's really stylish with the contrasting sleeves.


  3. Yay, I'm so glad to see you in this dress. You look gorgeous! The dress looked so beautiful in the previous posts, but you really bring it to life by wearing it. I love the fabric and the interesting neckline. So pretty!


  4. I love this, such an interesting pattern and it works really well on you. I think this might be a perfect dress for some upcoming weddings I'm going to….


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